VeriDevOps Project Successfully Navigates the Horizon, Leading the Way in Cybersecurity Innovation


The VeriDevOps project, funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 program with a grant of 3.96 million euros, is set to conclude its three-year journey this January, leaving a lasting impact on the landscape of cybersecurity. Launched on October 1st, 2020, the project has been at the forefront of pioneering methods and tools to accelerate the verification of security requirements in large-scale cyber-physical systems.

DevOps practices, focusing on the seamless integration of development, delivery, and operations, have become integral to modern system engineering. VeriDevOps, by led by Mälardalens University in Sweden and driven by SOFTEAM in France, is supported by partners across four countries and has diligently worked to address the security challenges inherent in current development practices. The project has successfully navigated the complexities of off-the-shelf and legacy components, making large-scale systems more resilient to security vulnerabilities.

The VeriDevOps initiative is committed to fast, flexible system engineering, delivering high-quality results with short cycle times. By promoting frequent software deliveries, the project has highlighted the need for verification methods to keep pace with the dynamic DevOps environment. The collaborative efforts of project partners, including Åbo Akademi University in Finland, ABB AB in Sweden, Ikerlan S. Coop., Fagor Arrasate S. Coop. in Spain, and Montimage EURL and Softeam in France, have been instrumental in driving VeriDevOps towards its goals.

Key Achievements of VeriDevOps:

  • Automated Security Verification: VeriDevOps has successfully developed methods and tools for formal security specifications from natural language specifications.
  • Efficient Test Generation: The project has pioneered automatic security test creation from security models through model-based testing and model-based mutation testing techniques.
  • Intelligent Security Monitors: VeriDevOps has achieved groundbreaking results in generating machine learning-based security monitors for operational phases, ensuring robust cybersecurity monitoring and counter-measures.
  • Future-Proofing Cyber-Physical Systems:

VeriDevOps has played a crucial role in enhancing early security verification through formal modeling, enabling the generation of tests and monitors during the analysis and design phases. “The VeriDevOps project provides a methodological framework that enhances productivity and enables the continuous integration/delivery of trustworthy systems,” says Dragos Truscan from Åbo Akademi.

Companies can now confidently deliver high-quality systems with enhanced feedback mechanisms during development and operation, in the fast-paced DevOps landscape. “The framework brings notable benefits in terms of automation of security requirement extraction, security test generation, and runtime attack detection of industrial systems” declares the professor.

As VeriDevOps prepares to conclude this January, its legacy resonates in the advancements made in cybersecurity, setting new standards for secure and efficient cyber-physical system development. The project's impact extends beyond its duration, paving the way for a future where cybersecurity seamlessly integrates with the principles of DevOps.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Andrey Sadovykh, Technical Leader (andrey.sadovykh@softeam.fr)

Dragos Truscan, Software Engineering (dragos.truscan@abo.fi)

About VeriDevOps

VeriDevOps is a three-year project funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 program, focusing on accelerating the verification of security requirements in large-scale cyber-physical systems. Led by Mälardalens University in Sweden and supported by partners across four countries, the project aims to revolutionize cybersecurity practices in the DevOps landscape.