Here you can find the publication of the project VeriDevOps under different categories. This list will be updated as soon as new publications become available and can be downloaded.

Journal Papers




Machine Learning Techniques for Software Vulnerability Prediction: A comparative study

Gul Jabeen, Sabit Rahim, Wasif Afzal, Dawar Khan, Aftab Ahmed Khan, Zahid Hussain, Tehmina Bibi

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An Industrial Evaluation and Comparison of Manual Test Design and Automated Test Generation

Eduard Paul Enoiu

Not Available Yet

Automated Test Generation: A Taxonomy and Classification of Techniques

Eduard Paul Enoiu

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A Novel Model for Vulnerability Analysis through Enhanced Directed Graphs and Quantitative Metrics

Ángel Longueira-Romero Rosa Iglesias Jose Luis Flores Iñaki Garitano

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Workshop & Conference Proceedings




Preliminary Results in Using Attention for Increasing Attack Identification Efficiency

Tanwir Ahmad, Dragos Truscan,Juri Vain

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Industrial Scale Passive Testing with T-EARS

Daniel Flemström, Henrik Jonsson, Eduard Paul Enoiu, Wasif Afzal

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Towards Human-Like Automated Test Generation: Perspectives from Cognition and Problem Solving

Eduard Paul Enoiu and Robert Feldt

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Ethical AI-Powered Regression Test Selection

Per Erik Strandberg, Mirgita Frasheri, Eduard Paul Enoiu

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Specification of Passive Test Cases using an Improved T-EARS Language

Daniel Flemström, Wasif Afzal, Eduard Paul Enoiu

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Message from the ITEQS 2021 Workshop Chairs

Saadatmand, M., Truscan, D. and Eduard Paul Enoiu

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Monitoring Approaches for Security and Safety Analysis: Application to a Load Position System

Zujany Salazar,Ana Rosa Cavalli,Wissam Mallouli,Filip Sebek,Fatiha Zaidi,Monika Ewa Rakoczy

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A Model-Based Test Script Generation Framework for Embedded Software

Muhammad Nouman Zafar, Wasif Afzal, Eduard Paul Enoiu, Athanasios Stratis , Ola Sellin

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Testing Security and Resilience

Ana Rosa Cavalli

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Towards a Workflow for Model-Based Testing of Embedded Systems

Muhammad Nouman Zafar, Wasif Afzal and Eduard Paul Enoiu

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VeriDevOps: Automated Protection and Prevention to Meet Security Requirements in DevOps

Andrey Sadovykh; Gunnar Widforss; Dragos Truscan; Eduard Paul Enoiu; Wissam Mallouli; Rosa Iglesias; Alessandra Bagnto; Olga Hendel

Download Pdf, 185.9 kB.

Security Requirements as Code: Example from VeriDevOps Project

Khaled Isamael, Andrey Sadovykh and all

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Security Requirements Classification into Groups Using NLP Transformers

Vasily Varenov, Aydar Gabdrahmanov (Innopolis Uni) with acknowledgements to VeriDevOps

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Applying Model-based Requirements Engineering in Three Large European Collaborative Projects: An Experience Report

Andrey Sadovykh, Dragos Truscan, Hugo Bruneliere

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A Framework for the Attack Tolerance of Cloud Applications Based on Web Services

Georges Ouffoue,Fatiha Zaidi,Fatiha Zaidi,Ana Rosa Cavalli,Huu Nghia Nguyen

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Human-based Test Design versus Automated Test Generation: A Literature Review and Meta-Analysis

Kurmaku, Ted Enoiu, Eduard Paul Kumrija, Musa

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Choosing a Test Automation Framework for Programmable Logic Controllers in CODESYS Development Environment

Mikael Salari, Eduard Enoiu, Wasif Afzal, Cristina Seceleanu

Not Available Yet

Early Detection of Network Attacks Using Deep Learning

Tanwir Ahmad, Dragos Truscan, Juri Vain, Ivan Porres

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A Two-phase Metamorphic Approach for Testing Industrial Control Systems

Gaadha Sudheerbabu, Tanwir Ahmad, Filip Sebek, Dragos Truscan, Jüri Vain, and Ivan Porres

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Project Report




NLP-based Testing and Monitoring for Security Checking (Project Report)

Andrey Sadovykh, Zujany Salazar, Wissam Mallouli, Ana Rosa Cavalli, Dragos Truscan, Eduard Paul Enoiu, Rosa Iglesias and Olga Hendel

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Project Management in collaborative European research projects

Gunnar Widforss, Olga Hendel

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